Books and Bars

After a day in the darkroom. Books, bookmaking, and the fine art of hanging around in bars.

In no particular order.

David Rees as Lincoln after his reading at Housing Works:

Rees as Lincoln

Sunday, Maggie Estep and Wayne Koestenbaum after their reading at Shortwave:

Maggie and Wayne

24 November: Brooklyn Inn:

at the bar 1

The same:

at the bar 2

MG talks to

munro at bar

WL at the Pool Bar:

whitney at bar

26 October, after the Book Fair, GK of Garrett County the smoking figure on the left, I think (there’s also a picture of me with Utahna Faith on the 3AM site, here—scroll down to the 11/12/2002 post):

gk darby rave


rachael rakes rave

Dan and Reggie at the Bowery Poetry Club, towards the end of Poetry + Karaoke = Fun:

Dan and Reggie karaoke

Monday morning, self-portrait:

me sleeping