Zoo Press

For the final assignment for the class I took with Lawrence Weschler this past spring, I wrote about Zoo Press‘s decision in April of this year to cancel their nascent short fiction and novel contests, which I’d learned about from Maud Newton (original post, here), who had learned about it from Laila Lalami (original post, here), who had broken the news in the world of literary weblogs in the first place. (Neither Maud nor Laila were contest entrants themselves, but Laila graciously connected me with two writers of her acquaintance who had been short fiction contest entrants in 2003 and 2004, respectively. In the course of writing the piece, I also talked to Zoo Press publisher Neil Azevedo, erstwhile contest judge C. Michael Curtis, and a number of other writers, editors, and publishers, both on and off the record.)

I pitched it to Poets & Writers, and they accepted it. (Having heard about the matter from a number of their readers, they had been planning on running something about Zoo regardless.) After more interviews, research, edits, etc., it was published in the current issue of the magazine as the inaugural installment of their new column in the News & Trends section, The Contester.

The print edition shipped a couple weeks ago, and the online version is now live here.