Easter Eggs Are for Kids

A brief and most excellent excerpt from the new Lemony Snicket, borrowed from the fabulous Ms. Daphne’s post of a couple days ago, here [N.B. Link removed; no longer extant].

The elder Baudelaires sat quietly for a moment, looking at the cabinet in the sideboard, and then, without a word, the two siblings stepped onto the wooden table so they could open the highest cabinet. Inside was a small stack of books on such dull topics as child rearing, proper and improper diets, and the water cycle, but when the children pushed these books aside they saw what they had been looking for.

‘Elizabeth Bishop,’ Violet said, ‘Charles Simic, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Franz Wright, Daphne Gottlieb—there’s all sorts of poetry here.’

—from The Grim Grotto: Book the Eleventh, p. 265 – 266.