A Tricky Business

is trying to Google some funny anecdote that you remember having read on some literary weblog or other sometime in the past six months or so that was funny, in part, because it was written in dialect, which is a fuzziness that even Google can’t handle, but you remember the basic gist of the thing, so you keep going, even though the search is beyond tricky, it’s a serious time sink, but look! here ’tis, a Scottish letter to the editor, the original vanished, but the quote itself archived by the good folks over at Bookninja: “However, there is another compelling reason not to abandon the book. What seems like a very long time ago I attended a conference in Glasgow on what was then known as library automation. The librarian of the Glasgow City Libraries—I’m sorry I can no longer remember his name—was one of the speakers. He concluded his talk on how he saw the future, or it seemed he had. But then he leaned forward towards his audience with what seemed like a conspiratorial air and said: ‘That’s aw verra weel, but whit are ye gaen tae dae when the electricity gaes aff?'”