Monthly Archives: July 2005

Air and Water

Is it me, or does the preznit, when he talks about the environment, almost always refer to it as “our beautiful environment”?

Doesn’t that make it sound not like life itself, but instead like landscaping? Doesn’t it subtly steer away from, or even do harm to, the whole point of environmentalism?

Isn’t it like saying, I don’t smoke in order to preserve my beautiful lungs? I exercise and avoid fatty foods to preserve my pretty cardiovascular system? My gorgeous liver?

Older Uploadings

Still slowly re-uploading yet more older, pre-Movable Type-switchover things. Today’s batch is older sequences of photographs: here, here, and here.

All three of these shot with my Nikon FM3a, not with my dinky little Oregon Scientific.

Still trying to be as meticulous as possible about reproducing the exact original date and time stamp, because that is the kind of nerd I am.

Kermit the Capo

The Giglio, in Williamsburg. The band, while we were there, played such traditional Italian songs as The Battle Hymn of the Republic; the theme song to Chariots of Fire; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; Auld Lang Syne; Funiculi, Funicula; and everyone’s favorite, The Rainbow Connection. Our working hypothesis: maybe these are the only numbers anyone remembers from band camp?

Everything Is Political

The dictionary in the barn in Montauk was an old one—designed, I think, for students in the middle of the last century; it had no swear words, and the definition of the word “lesbian” was something along the lines of “having to do with the island of Lesbos; sensual.” But the following definition was really the best one we found.

hashish or hasheesh. n. A preparation of the stalks and leaves of cannabis (Indian hemp), a subtle, crazing drug used in the Orient as a narcotic stimulant; illegally sold (usu. to school students) in U.S.A. in cigarette form called Marijuana: named by narcotic officials The Assassin of Youth.