Q & A

So did you make it to Central Park at 8:30am yesterday?

Uh, close enough. More like 9:15 or so. (Some A train troubles.)

And did you finish?

I did!

What was your time?

Christ if I know! After starting late (see above), I had to kind of rough it, running on the cobblestones and hills and rocks and roots around the great river of thousands and thousands of walkers. I’m just happy to have reached the finish line without twisting my ankle.

Was it hard? Was it emotional?

I found it difficult to connect with the real reason why we were all there—the reality of the disease itself, and the lives it wrecks, felt masked, buried underneath all the cheering, and corporate sponsorship, and chances to win new sneakers, and free wristbands and sugar water and meringue cookies and Special K. As I was running by a group of women who all appeared to be walking in memory of a mutual friend they’d lost, I overheard one of them saying, “…and it’s a beautiful day! What more could you want?” I thought to myself, a cure?

The worst feeling, though, was going to the Time Warner Center on Saturday to pick up my bib and T-shirt. At the registration table, the volunteer helping me said that although they had plenty of “In Celebration Of” back signs, they’d run out of the “In Memory Of” ones. “That’s really depressing,” I said. I could’ve been misreading him, but the look on his face made me think that until that moment he’d been thinking of this only in terms of pieces of paper, not in terms of lives. “It is depressing,” he said.

Did you run with Sherri again?

She couldn’t make it, unfortunately—too crazy with work. But I met another runner, a talented filmmaker and photographer, on the way to Central Park; after talking for a little while, I realized that she and I, years ago, were in the same section of intro. photography in college. I love it when that happens.

Hop! I forgot to make a pledge in support of your participation in the race! I really wanted to. Can I still?

Yes. You have until October 31. You can go here, and do it on the web with a credit card, or you can write a check (I put some info. on how to do that here).

I can see by the weird, exploding, boiling thermometer-of-blood animation on your Komen page that you’ve met your goal. Congratulations! Should I still make a pledge?


I don’t have fifty dollars. Can I support your run with less?


I have a blog. Can I link from my blog to your Komen page?


I have friends with e-mail. Can I e-mail them a link to your Komen page?


Hey I sponsored your run already! Do I rock?

You do indeed rock, sweetie!

I’m making a pledge in support of your participation in the race today! Right now! Do I rock too?

Yes you do, hon! Thanks for your support.