Getting the Word Out

Some of you reading this might know one or the other of these things already, but I’ve been continuing to act as a vector, if that’s the right word, for Movable Type:

1) I made a blog for Soft Skull, here. (It’s not perfect—figuring out how to perfectly integrate it with the rest of the site is beyond what I’m capable of doing—but it works.) In theory it’s a team blog, although Richard’s the only one who’s posted so far. And even though there have only been a few posts to date, one got mentioned by Maud, which led to a mention by Cory Doctorow over at BoingBoing.

2) I helped Miriam Datskovsky a little bit with setting up her Movable Type-based author site, here, which went live just in time for the publication of Amy Sohn’s sex columnist roundtable for New York magazine, “The Vagina Dialogues.”