1) My brilliant sister (two Bessies! two Obies!) is performing at St. Ann’s Warehouse on Wednesday, December 7.

2) I am reading on Sunday, December 11, at the Sunday Salon.

3) Cynthia and I are covering ’80s pop songs once again on Wednesday, December 14, at the Happy Ending Reading Series. Expect Bon Jovi, Journey, and Duran Duran, among others.

4) And finally, early advance notice: I will be reading at the Happy Ending Series on February 22, 2006, as part of a very special and romantic St. Valentine’s Day evening with fellow Homewrecker contributors Susannah Breslin [N.B. Link removed; no longer extant], Christine Hamm, Marty McConnell, and Felicia Sullivan. Bring that secret other someone.