Reading April 2

I’m reading in one week at Cheryl B.‘s Atomic [N.B. Link removed; no longer extant] series, at Lucky 13 in Park Slope!

Sunday, April 2, at 7:00pm! With David Webber and Francine Witte! 273 13th St. at 5th Ave., Brooklyn! Free!

Please come! This will be fun.

And look, my bio [N.B. Link removed; no longer extant] is up!

And did you see my bio for the Sunday Salon back in December? (Scroll about a third of the way down the page; there’s also a photograph of me reading from that night. Behind the stool I’m perched on is a Fender amplifier; I could be wrong, but to the left of what I think is a P.A. head on top of the amp appears to be a dancing monkey wearing a tambourine as a hat, a brown shawl draped over his shoulders, holding a blue football under his arm, squatting on top of a djembe, laughing, laughing. I certainly don’t remember a monkey being there, but, you know, I was very nervous.)

PS Almost forgot: I’ll be giving away copies of what I’ve been calling the EP version of my manuscript, Ladies’ Night at the Arctic Club and Other Stories, a.k.a. the limited edition bound galley I made of the thesis I handed in at NYU last spring. It’s pink! It’s free! It looks like this!:

PPS By “4-track demo EP version” I mean, like, metaphorically!