Crappy Cam Blues

I want to post pictures to this page of Wyoming. The cows and horses, the scraggly trees burping up out of the river beds, the endless rolling foothills, the storms blowing in off the snowy peaks of the Big Horns, the annoying little field mouse nibbling at my power cord right now. Unfortunately, I’m having serious crappy cam troubles. The first one I got lasted for a little over a year before I made the mistake of taking it to the beach—those of you with better eyes than mine might have noticed, in the pictures I posted in late December and early January (here, here, and here), that there’s this annoying little dot in the middle right of each picture (the ones that have a light background, anyway). And the speck causing the dot appears to be on the inside of the lens—which is not at all removable, and is the size of a ball bearing. A very, very tiny ball bearing.

I decided to try to replace my crappy cam, which meant tracking down a used one on this electronic auction bay Web site I just discovered. (Have you heard of this thing? It’s totally amazing!) The new old crappy cam I bought was scuffy, but seemed to work fine. Until last week, when the battery died. And now it won’t recharge. And the camera’s tiny little LED screen on the back displays strange, cryptic messages, accompanied by sad, desperate beepings, the meaning of which I can’t glean at all, except for a general sense that the poor thing’s guts are somehow seriously out of whack.

Will it recover? I hope so. We’ll see. With luck, I’ll have some pictures here soon.

By the way, Wyoming is totally fucking amazing.