“strangely likable American oddities”

Now live: the site I made for Scott Snyder. It’s not dissimilar to the site I made for Colson Whitehead, in the way that I set up Movable Type so that Scott can post news about readings, reviews, etc. I borrowed all the design elements from the design of Scott’s book, Voodoo Heart, which is damn cool looking. (The code itself is a weird hodgepodge of HTML and CSS, but the site still seems to work, and look good, on different platforms. Sometimes it feels like trying to build a whole house out of Tinkertoys, with no blueprints, while wearing sunglasses. You look at the thing you made and think, is that really standing up?)

Scott has the most amazing Stephen King blurb an author of a first book, a collection of stories, could possibly hope for (among many other fantastic blurbs, and a starred and signed PW review from Francine Prose). (People pay more attention to Stephen King’s enthusiasm than they do to, say, Michiko Kakutani’s dismay, right? I hope so.)