Samoan Redux

Did you want to read my story “The Samoan Assassin Calls It Quits” but found yourself hesitant back in May, unsure of whether you wanted to make the commitment to subscribing to a magazine that cannot be purchased at bookstores or at your local newsstand, skeptical of the joy that eighteen stories might bring you over the course of a year for only twenty-one bucks? Did you find yourself wishing you had the option of paying only two dollars and fifty cents to purchase just that one story? You’re in luck. About a month ago the best literary journal ever added that very feature to its past stories page, where you can buy not just the aforementioned mixed-up love story, but eighty (and counting!) other wicked awesome works of short fiction by an all-star roster of writers including Kelly Link, Darin Strauss, Judy Budnitz, Scott Snyder, Alix Ohlin, Karl Iagnemma, and Joanna Hershon, among many brilliant others; like, e.g., did you read Austin Bunn’s “The Ledge“? I mean, holy potato, why doesn’t this guy—to the best of my knowledge, I should say—have a book deal yet?