Deadline: October 31

I’ve neglected to mention, in the three weeks since I asked for your support, and the two weeks since the race itself, that:

1) I not only ran the whole five kilometers in the Komen NYC Race for the Cure on Sunday, September 10, but finished in time to make it to the fiction-writing class I’ve been teaching on Sunday mornings;

2) Sherri and I ran together, and had a very nice time catching up as we did;

3) it was a beautiful morning for a run, and Central Park was the same odd fusion of private remembrance and corporate sponsorship as last year, and the year before that;

4) the race seemed to go smoothly (the only mention-worthy details I noted being Semisonic’s not-exactly-appropriate “Closing Time” blasting through the PA system right before the start of the race, a very poorly thought-out port-a-potty line that ran straight out into the race course itself on Central Park West, and an obnoxious mustachioed older fellow on a bicycle, angrily trying to weave his way through a mostly female crowd of tens of thousands, yelling at all of us, demanding that we let him by, seeming, to me, to be seeking the fate of Pentheus at the end of The Bacchae); and finally,

5) thanks to all of you who sponsored my run—and if you haven’t yet, but would like to, you have until October 31!