Radio Silence and the Spider Robots

We are both under the weather (or rather, she’s sick, and I’m feeling dangerously on that post-nasal-drip, wheezing, sneezing, sinus-that’s-really-a-pip verge of sick), and there’s still a million things to do, not to mention a holiday in between here and there, and I am as reluctant to write one of these notes as I usually am sad to read them, but until a week and a half from now, when we get back from putting money down on some ponies (yes, there’s still ponies running this late in the year), I will most likely not have a chance to write anything new in this space (recently I saw something somewhere about someone having compiled a list of excuses in the “sorry I haven’t had anything to say lately” vein; but I can’t recall where I saw this, and what magical combination of words could I possibly drop into the Google tubes to find it again, and don’t you hate that feeling?), and will leave it, for the time being, to the sleepless investigations of the robot spiders. Or something. Happy Pilgrims and Indians, friends and robots! And see you soon.