What We Read at Our Reading

First, as an introduction, our inimitable One Story cocktail hour and reading series host Hannah Tinti gave a dramatic reading of our Styles section announcement (thus alleviating all my capsule bio concerns).

Then I read (and sang) the last five and a half pages of the first chapter of Emily‘s awesome first novel, The Testament of Yves Gundron.

Then Emily read “The Possibilities Are Endless,” which I wrote originally this past fall for the other blog to which I make occasional contributions of a highly unreliable frequency, and “An American Casanova in New York, by Balthus Poindexter: A Reading Group Guide,” which is live, as of today, on Yankee Pot Roast.

It was so much fun! (As I mentioned before, One Story, a.k.a. the best literary journal ever, has posted some pictures from the reading here.)