“A Note about This Business with the Bear”

My story “A Note about This Business with the Bear” is in the second annual summer fiction issue of The L Magazine, which came out on Wednesday. The issue also features stories by Darin Strauss, Ned Vizzini, Christopher Kang, Dominique Fabre, Danielle Evans, and the winner and finalists of the magazine’s Literary Upstart competition.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Ned and Darin and I will be reading tonight at KGB! It will be awesome and you should come. On the magazine’s Web site, you can read editor (and blogger extraordinaire) Mark Asch’s “Your Blog About Town” post about the excellence of the issue. You can also read his post about tonight’s reading. And if you’re not in New York City and you can’t pick up a copy of the magazine in one of those little orange bins all over town, you can even read the story itself.

This is a confluence of many firsts: the first time a story I’ve written has been published in a free magazine with an audited circulation over 100,000; the first time a story of mine has been published on the Web as a JPEG; the first time my name has been on a list of contributors with cool little illustrations (by Melissa Rioux) of our heads next to our names; and the first time, I believe, I’ve read with a writer whose work has been translated into thirteen languages (Darin) and one who has been translated into five (Ned), thus bringing the evening’s total—theoretically, anyway—to somewhere near a score of languages. Seriously cosmopolitan, dude.

Paraphrasing Mark, whether you can read English (or any other language, for that matter) or not, this reading will surely kick as much ass as the issue itself does. See you there!