This Year’s Race

me at the finish line

There’s a lot going on in this picture Emily took at the Albany Race for the Cure way back on the first Saturday in October (where the hell does the time go? oh right, yes, we keep being ridiculously damn busy, I mean, just as a for example, who knew one lawn could collect that many leaves?). So many questions, like: Is orange-shirt guy sporting the biggest messenger bag ever? Also, is that a Tintin haircut? Did the white van’s wooden trailer haul up a load of blank placards for writing messages for cheering on runners, and those two or three leaning up against it were the only ones left unused at the end of the day? Who abandoned that coffee?

The important things for my purposes here, though, I’ve somewhat clumsily highlighted with these two white circles. Inside the one on the right is me, amazed that I’ve actually crossed the finish line after not going for a run even once since the 2006 Komen NYC Race for the Cure. And inside the one on the left is my totally awesome time. (I think it translates to like a five- or six-hour marathon.) As you can see on this page, a time of 34:58 (pace: 11:16) means I came in 442nd in the Men’s 5k results—out of a field of 510. Yeah!

Much more importantly, I was able to raise $528 for Komen Northeastern New York. So far! I think you can still donate if you want to, maybe? I have no idea when they’ll shut down the donations pages; anyway, give it a shot!

And thanks!

And huge thanks again to everyone who’s already pledged to support my run this year, and in the Komen NYC races I’ve participated in the past few years as well—you rock!