How the Reading Went

Oh, man! I neglected to provide the details that I promised before I would post anon. I think I was thinking—if I was thinking at all—that, since the two of you who I know actually visit this page with any kind of frequency (hi Jess! hi Eric!) don’t actually live anywhere near Kingston, would it make a difference? And would anyone turn out for a reading at a gallery in the Rondout on a Friday evening in the snow? The answer to that second question turned out to be a resounding yes: the inaugural reading of the new Friends of Dorothy series at KMOCA (possible tagline: “the gayest non-gay reading series in the Northeast”) was packed; Jennifer Wai-Lan Huang’s story was sad and great; and I read “Instructions for Reading Your Work in Public,” “The One-Room MFA Program,” and “A Note about This Business with the Bear.” That second story is a new one—I borrowed the title (with permission) from a joke my fellow NYU alum Robin Beery made in class one time. I’m not sure if the piece works on the page; it seems to benefit greatly from being read out loud in an attempted approximation of the voice of Foghorn Leghorn. But, you know, it’s out there, so we’ll see.