Interactive Dance-Memoir Obelisk

My favorite of the frequently asked questions for the Creative Capital 2008 grant cycle letter of inquiry:

FAQ #12. What do you mean by the “Final Form” my project will take?

We have found that in the excitement of discussing the concepts behind their projects, many applicants forget to tell us how the project will ultimately manifest. For example, are you hoping to create an evening-length dance work, an interactive game, a novel, or an outdoor architectural structure? Please be as specific as you can at this stage in your project’s development. We understand that this may change as the project develops and that your project may have multiple manifestations.

I love the thought of a creative idea that’s so nascent, so embryonic (so pluripotent?), that it could eventually take any one of those final forms. Or all of them at once. Or that you might set out to write a novel, but you end up, a few years down the road, with a house instead. Or vice versa.

That’s not quite what they mean here, obviously—but still!

Anyway. Back to choreographing my sound-art puppet opera.