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From The Writer’s Almanac last Thursday—Alice Munro’s birthday: “She was trying to write fiction, but her schedule was very tightly managed. She couldn’t find time to do it, though she did try to get her kids to nap a lot.” I imagine there must be an un-Googleable interview or introduction out there somewhere where she talks about this specifically (“She feared the fug of maternity, and clung to what she called her ‘double life’—scribbling when the children took naps…“), but this quote comes close to it:

[I]t was simply a matter of expediency. I had small children, I didn’t have any help. Some of this was before the days of automatic washing machines, if you can actually believe it. There was no way I could get that kind of time. I couldn’t look ahead and say, this is going to take me a year, because I thought every moment something might happen that would take all time away from me. So I wrote in bits and pieces with a limited time expectation.

—”Bringing Life to Life” (an interview with Munro), The Atlantic, 14 December 2001

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If this page is accurate, it’s incredibly difficult to change your name if you’re not going through the paperwork of getting married or getting divorced (and even then it’s incredibly difficult—and probably always has been, although I think it’s now even more difficult since the terrorist attacks seven years ago). But the easiest route (again, if wikiHow is at all dependable) seems to be the part where the page says that “[a]nyone can legally change their name ‘by use’ by simply using a new name consistently.” (I once peeked in the glove compartment of the car of the famous pop star mom of the girlfriend of a friend of mine; taking out the car’s registration, I noticed that she actually had never legally changed her name to the pop star name the world knows her by. So perhaps the thing to do is just to use your new name, and not ever bother with the DMV, IRS, SSA, etc.?) In any case, I guess that’s what I’m going to start to try to do here. I’m changing my middle name to Israel.

Ljubljana, Zagreb, Kayrol Island

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Good Gloria Deluxe-related things I’ve not yet mentioned in this space:

1) Must Don’t Whip ‘Um had performances last Tuesday in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and last Saturday and Sunday in Zagreb, Croatia.

2) The album of the show is now available for purchase online.

3) Cindy has a song on The Music of Jason Crigler: the last track on the record, “My Alien Friend.”

4) My brother-in-law and Jim Findlay (Jeff, Jim, and Cindy are Accinosco) won a Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Scenic Design, won an Obie for Scenic Design, and were nominated for a Drama Desk for Outstanding Projection and Video Design for their work on Ben Katchor and Mark Mulcahy’s fantastic The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island: or, the Friends of Dr. Rushower.


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The Chautauqua Institution this summer: Week Four: The Ethical Frontiers of Science (July 14–18): Write What You Don’t Know: Using Research to Enliven Your Writing:

Though many of us have received the advice to “write what you know,” sometimes writing exclusively about our own experiences can feel limiting. Researching topics of interest, however, and imagining the lives of people different from ourselves can free us to explore new territory. This workshop will focus on using research (creatively defined) to broaden the horizons of our writing. Through in-class and take-home exercises, we’ll expand our knowledge of the greater world, and we will read and discuss published authors who can guide and cheer us on in this endeavor.

(Full 2008 summer catalog.)

Also: podcast of Jeff Miller, Director of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, interviewing Emily last summer.

And: Emily interviewed by the editors of West 10th for their first issue (p. 70); Dominic Smith interviewing Emily in Gulf Coast, Vol. 20, #1 (p. 319). Neither available online.

I love the world not available online.

Speaking of which: Toby at ten weeks:

Toby Hop ten wks