The Cynthia Hopkins Songbook

(Catch-up post, three of five.)

Summarizing the news in the most recent Gloria Deluxe mailing list announcement (which you may already receive in your inbox?); some amazing stuff:

1) A clip from the new show on YouTube.

2) This coming Saturday (the birthday of Matthew Broderick and Bridget Jones): a work-in-progress showing of the new show at MASS MoCA.

3) Next Friday: “The Cynthia Hopkins Songbook” at Joe’s Pub. Would you look at the list of special guests? I mean, we’re talking about a MacArthur recipient and Pulitzer winner singing Cynthia Hopkins. The living, breathing embodiment of the personal computer, the personal computer in human form, singing Cynthia Hopkins. New Yorkers: this is not to be missed.

4) April: the world premiere of the new show at the Walker.

5) May: the New York premiere of the new show. This, too, is not to be missed, of course; but you have many more opportunities not to miss it.