You Have One Day Left to Help Cindy Get to Scotland

…I think.

What Cindy’s e-mail from last Wednesday said: “We need to raise $5,500 by July 15th – that’s 6 days away, folks!”

What the “Accidental to Edinburgh – PHASE 1: REBUILDING THE SET” page of the Accidental Nostalgia Kickstarter site says: “This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Jul 15, 02:59am.”

Which is less than 36 hours away. Now, what I don’t know is this: If they don’t actually get another four grand in between now and the wee hours of Wednesday morning, will they actually not be going to the Edinburgh Fringe? I hope that’s not the case. But will it be enormously, hugely helpful if they do get that money? I’m assuming yes.

I love the countdown. And I don’t envy Cindy and Jeff and co. the stress of it being their countdown. But from the outside there’s something exciting about it.

It’s like Risky Business, except starring Tom Waits. Or The Blues Brothers, starring Laurie Anderson.

Surely there is someone in the world with a spare thousand tax-deductible dollars who wants to hear John Hodgman sing Gloria Deluxe on the phone to him or her?…

In any event, John Hodgman is not just an astonishing writer, he is a stalwart and righteous human being.