Jessica Anthony Will Rock Your World

(New year catch-up post, four of five.)

What was 8/17–8/21? It was Jess Anthony Week on the Powell’s Books Blog—and Jess very graciously asked me to be a part of it. Wednesday of that week was Jess and I talking about writing dares! So was Thursday!

Also: have you read The Convalescent? Do you know that it got a starred review in PW? (In addition to blurbs from Chris Adrian and Katherine Dunn? I mean, whoa.) And the book is a Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” selection for fall 2009? I was lucky enough to read the book back when it was just a Word document; now it has that gorgeous cover, and fits so much more easily in your hands than a pile of eight-and-a-half-by-eleven pages, using the convenient technology of the printed book—no electricity required; no upgrades necessary; out of beta for approximately five centuries. Learn more at the McSweeney’s site.