(Ten-year-old Web site birthday week catch-up post, three of five.)

In the current issue of Quick Fiction: a story of mine called “Sleepwalking.” It’s in print edition #16, which had an official publication date of October 2009, but in actuality shipped a bit later than that. As is always the case with QF, this issue has a fantastic lineup of contributors (Kim Chinquee! Aaron Burch! Et al.!) Eight dollars buys you a whole lot of good writing.

One bit of oddness: my story is missing a noun. There’s just a blank space on the page where the word should be—it was six letters long, and was inadvertently replaced with a tab character (probably right before going to press, says QF publisher Adam Pieroni).

The sentence now reads:

But look, his clothes—once chic, now worn thin as      —we all know his predicament.

…so in a way, it actually looks like it could be intentional; his clothes are now as thin as this blank space.

I suggested that we start a “Help Tom Hopkins Find His Lost Word!” Facebook group, but so far this hasn’t happened yet.

My bio for this issue—which will make more sense when you read the story:

Thomas Israel Hopkins has had a kind of love/hate relationship with the island of sleeplessness for decades. Although he is enamored of the idea of a blog that’s only open during business hours, you can learn more online, any time, at tomhop.com.