Me Playing Guitar on Radio David Byrne

(Ten-year-old Web site birthday week catch-up post, five of five.)

The Radio David Byrne playlist for the month of February, titled “Sharing Is Caring,” includes seven of Cindy’s songs: four tracks from Gloria Deluxe albums (one from the eponymous LP, three from Hooker), plus three from Devotionals (Songs for Shunkin).

I played on “Little Piece of Grace” and “Such a Long Time”; I also sang on the former. (Hooker, like this Web site, turns ten this year. Have you listened to the record lately? I think it’s holding up really well.) As you’ll see if you link to Byrne’s site, only the current playlist streams, but the archive includes links for buying the individual MP3s.

As you’ll know already if you’re on Cindy’s mailing list, her new show, The Truth: A Tragedy, is having its international debut the last weekend of March at Les Subsistances in Lyon, France; the American debut will be in May at Soho Rep.

At the moment, the copy for the Les Subsistances Web site page about Cindy’s show begins “Attention : découverte !” I think it would be marvelous for the French to discover her work. I’m hoping that would make her the Jerry Lewis of cabaret-twang performance art. Which might be fitting, since the show, I believe, draws heavily from the world of stand-up comedy. Which I’m hoping might also mean money. Good old-fashioned old-world old-school support-of-the-arts money. Which would be awesome.

As you may also know, the show is largely about our dad.