“Elephants of the Platte”

My story “Elephants of the Platte” is in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #25! The spring 2010 issue. Available—as you will see, if you click through the link—in paper and non-paper formats, both manatee-free.

My bio starts off true, but by the end of it, it is not true:

Thomas Israel Hopkins owes a debt of gratitude to chapter three of Merrill J. Mattes’s history The Great Platte River Road; Nathaniel Hawthorne’s essay “The Canal-Boat,” published anonymously in the New-England Magazine in 1835; and modern dentistry. He dreams of a future in which his blog, tomhop.com, is wind-powered; as of this writing, it still appears to be running on energy generated by squirrels, magnets, and inertia.

Chapter three of The Great Platte River Road is actually titled “Elephants of the Platte.” In this non-paper future everyone keeps talking about, perhaps both that chapter and the Hawthorne essay could be embedded in the story; they both contain a lot of words, though, so they might need to be spiced up a bit, like as multidimensional animations, or with futuristic weaponry, or just with lots of explosions added. Or smells. Since both concern travel in the early nineteenth century, smells might be just the thing.