What I Think About When I Think About Niches

(Quoting-from-articles-I-wrote-and-also-from-interviews-with-two-writers-whose-work-I-admire catch-up post, one of five.)

The production of the full print run of each chapbook tends to cost hundreds of dollars, all of which comes out of [Ryan Murphy’s] own pocket. But spending the money doesn’t bother him, nor is he bothered by the idea that the work isn’t reaching a wide audience. ‘For me, a hundred readers is a lot of readers,’ he says. ‘I think that’s impressive as hell!’ Murphy is aware that perhaps not all the recipients on his mailing list read the chapbooks. ‘Maybe only sixty people read them, and maybe fifty people like them.’ But even just fifty readers, he says, ‘kind of blows my mind.’

—”Ryan Murphy’s One-Shots: Discovering the Real Work of Poetry,” Poets & Writers, September/October 2006