What I Think About When I Think About Odds

(Quoting-from-articles-I-wrote-and-also-from-interviews-with-two-writers-whose-work-I-admire catch-up post, two of five.)

From the Glimmer Train Web site*:

Aaron Gilbreath: You still get rejected, as you mentioned earlier. What’s your ratio right now, your miss-to-hit?

Steve Almond: Probably five-to-one, something like that.

Aaron Gilbreath: That’s pretty damn good.

Steve Almond: It’s pretty damn good. It used to be like thirty-to-one. It used to be forty-to-one. […] You just have to develop calluses. You just have to go, ‘Okay, fine, I’m going to ignore that rejection,’ because those are the odds.

* The URL—the “wa43bits” part—makes me think this must be an excerpt from an interview with Almond that ran in, say, issue #43 of Glimmer Train‘s quarterly newsletter, Writers Ask, maybe?—but there aren’t any other pages on the site that link to this “wa43bits” page, and when I wrote the editors at the magazine to ask them this question last year, no one ever wrote back.