Praise for The Year of Living Autobiographically

When I started the writing project that became The Year of Living Autobiographically, the intention was really more like an art project, of sorts: to circumvent the servers of a for-profit corporation and send out “status updates” into the world by way of an old-fashioned galley printer and the post office. (See this post from this past October, when I finished writing, to learn more.)


(Above: the sample copy from the galley printer.)

It honestly never occurred to me that anyone would ever have anything to say about it at all, let alone anything as nice as what Erika Dreifus had to say about it earlier this week:

[I]t is one of the most intelligent, intimate, and imaginative works that I’ve read in a long time.

Part of what I’m calling the work’s “intelligence” may stem from its premise and structure, but the writing’s honesty and directness also enhance an overall sense of clarity and grace. The adjective “intimate” seems appropriate because we learn so much about Tom through what he reveals about those closest to his heart (including his remarkable father, who passed away during the course of the year in question, and his equally remarkable young son), his dreams, and details taken from his daily life. And I can’t help thinking that the project itself shows quite a lot of creativity and imagination.

It’s a weird little book. So I’m incredibly honored and flattered by Erika’s kind words.


(Above: a Dunbar’s Number worth of books arrives!)


(Above: Toby’s workshop.)

Re plans to make the book available to more readers, if you’re curious: I’m hoping to have it up on soon, which I think will make the book available for purchase on Amazon and in a month or two. It looks like there’s an eight-week approval process before that can happen.

Check back here in May or June. I’ll keep you posted.