Where and How and When You Can Get the Book

Update, as of March 2014: I’ve made a few updates to this post. See below for specifics.

1) I still have copies of The Year of Living Autobiographically to send out. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you could start by going here, and then here.)

Do I know you? Do you want me to send you a book? Let me know!

It might take me a little while to get it to the post office; speedy fulfillment is not my wheelhouse, at least not this summer. But it will make its way to you.

In case this isn’t clear: I’m giving them away for free. I’ve gotten some amazing books in swaps, but that’s just because I know some incredibly talented and generous writers. It’s not at all obligatory.

This is an experiment of sorts, one that lives at the intersection of what Jonathan Lethem has to say about gift economies in “The Ecstasy of Influence” and what Jaron Lanier has to say about technology in You Are Not a Gadget.

Update: The above is still true!

2) There are also copies of the self-produced galley edition (the limited, numbered run of 150) for sale at the consignment table at McNally Jackson in New York City.


Thanks to Olivia Birdsall for the photo!

The first five copies sold out, which is totally exciting. I sent ten more, and I haven’t heard from the bookstore recently, so I’m assuming it’s still in stock.

Update: McNally Jackson sold a bunch more, but they no longer have copies in stock.

3) I’ve also made a Lulu edition. If you click here, you can go buy it at Lulu.com.

Here’s what the front cover looks like.

2013.05.28 front of Lulu TYOLA

If you’ve read the book, you might recognize when this picture is from—it’s 27 May 2012, the day we buried my dad. (Here are more pictures from that same day.)

Here’s what the back cover looks like.

2013.05.28 back of Lulu TYOLA

This one I wrote about on 3 June.

4) I’ve also approved the book for Lulu’s ExtendedReach distribution, which means that eventually it’ll be available on Amazon. I don’t totally understand how the approval process works; but as I wrote in April, as soon as I receive notification that you can buy it there, I’ll post details and a link here on my Web site.

Update: The Lulu edition is now retired. Fingers crossed for #5, below.

5) I’ve mostly sent the book to friends and colleagues, but I’ve also sent copies to agents (nine or ten in total, I think). I’m encouraged by all the kind and thoughtful responses I’ve heard from the folks who’ve read it so far that this is a book that could find a wider audience.

Here’s hoping!

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