Dream, Blue Silver

The good part of this morning’s dream: I was asked up on stage by Prince, with a few other audience members. It was a small theater, more like the wooden stage of a school auditorium. We’d been asked up to help him sing his encore, a cover of a Duran Duran song called “Set Fire to the Rain.” It sounded nothing like Adele. It sounded, rather, like a wonderful cross between “The Chauffeur” and “Ordinary World.” In those cloud-trailing moments right after waking up, I remembered the lyrics and the tune, but they evaporated quickly. I was given a microphone by a stagehand, which I held in my left hand. I cradled Emmett in my right hand. Underneath Emmett’s body, I also held a string of small glass jars. None of this was difficult. I felt blissfully happy. I has a feeling like, Well, this justifies just about everything, doesn’t it? Doing solo covers of “Take Me with U” at the Happy Ending reading series, playing “Rio” over and over again with my sophomore roommate Ethan, singing A-Ha and Madonna and Dead or Alive and Culture Club in small clubs and house parties all over Boston. Here’s the culmination. I thought: I can’t wait to tell Tory, Shay, and Tara, my former bandmates in Pommes Frites, the group we had in the nineties where we did old-timey covers of eighties synth pop. The bad part of this morning’s dream: feeling the song slipping away. The disappointing part, upon waking up, upon forgetting those words, that tune: realizing that I was forgetting a Duran Duran song that never existed.