Monthly Archives: October 2019

Good News: The Cupboard Pamphlet

It’s day two of the new year, and I need to get to the office to finish preparing for class today, and I have office hours, and to be honest I keep wondering these days if I ought to have our passports on me at all times in a plastic bag, just in case we need to walk north until we get to that big freshwater inland sea and start swimming (a worry that’s not unrelated to the themes of the work in the news at the end of this sentence), and I really should write in more detail about my good news, and I’m not on social media anymore, and sometimes it feels like social media has swamped all other forms of contact (so how on earth will anyone ever know this?), but for now, for this morning, for this medium, I am so absolutely thrilled to write that What I Remember of My Love Affair with the Bird and Other Stories, a chapbook collection of twelve of my short-short stories, will be published by The Cupboard Pamphlet in September of 2020.